Organisations you should know about

With the state of the planet declining thank goodness there are organisations, big and small, doing their part to help our environment.

Green Alliance

Green Alliance is a charity and independent think tank focused on achieving ambitious leadership for the environment. Their projects involve in depth research and advocacy by our experts, often in partnership with other organisations and interests. 
They host Inside Track as a home for debate on UK environmental policy and politics. As well as offering their own views, this is a popular platform for perspectives from other leading commentators.

Their three core aims are:

  • to make the environment a central political issue;
  • to integrate the environment into public policy and decision making;
  • to stimulate new thinking and advance the environmental agenda into new areas.

Energy Saving Trust

Energy Saving Trust are a leading and trusted organisation helping people save energy every day. Their experts speak with millions of householders every year, deliver first class programmes for governments and provide consultancy to UK businesses and international companies.

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth stands with anyone who cares about the world we live in. They work with local groups, experts, business leaders and politicians and push for change on causes that matter to you:

  • Protecting your home and local environment.
  • Promoting safe and healthy food and water everywhere.
  • Supporting alternative energy solutions that can change the world for the better for everyone.

Keep Britain tidy

Littering on our streets is another contributor to the damage being done to our environment. Keep Britain Tidy works to reduce it. Through education and campaigning, they continuously spread the word that littering and waste is something that needs to be handled more efficiently and therefore reduce the risks on the environment.

Please check out any of the organisation for more information and if you’d like to get involved with any campaigns they are doing.